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Our Mission

Mission statement for the American Chinese Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ACAPMR)
The ACAPMR’s mission is to promote collaboration between China and the United States, among health care providers in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine (PM&R). There is increasing public awareness that restoration of high quality of life for patients with physical, cognitive, and emotional impairments is dependent on timely provision of the appropriate rehabilitation services. The field of PM&R was established in the United States almost 80 years ago.  However, the current availability of rehabilitation services in China has not been sufficient to meet the increasing demand from general population. It is due to the inherent lack of well-managed rehabilitation systems and well-trained health care providers. With the recruitment of commercial and government financial support, we hope to develop a strong infrastructure by promoting education, research and international collaboration amongst health care providers in China. Through the use of cutting edge medical and computer technology in collaboration with these international specialists, we can utilize telecommunications technology to develop an efficient and universally accepted rehabilitation health care system similar to that being implemented and enhanced in the United States. 
We need to foster collaboration among international health care providers, to learn from each other as we move forward. Ultimately this will enhance health care delivery and improve health outcomes and overall quality of life in China.  We believe this collaboration will promote positive changes and improvement to the current system and will provide continuing medical education opportunities and allow for a provider exchange program to insure that rehabilitation in China remains on par with the strongest systems in the world.​

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